PhD in computer science

L3i - Laboratory Informatic, Image and Interaction | La Rochelle - FR (Oct. 2011 - Dec. 2014)
  • State of the art of color image segmentation, characterization and indexation
  • Journal publication and scientific conferences (publication list)
  • Application : application to detection and recognition of complex object from digitalized comic books
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Master of Research in Dynamic System and Signals

ISTIA/LISA - Industrial Systems Engineering School | Angers - FR (Oct. 2010 - Aug. 2011)
  • Key Courses: image processing, signal processing, statistical processing of information, robotics, virtual reality
  • Project: state of the art of image interpretation by topologic and photometric a priori informations (150h)
  • Mini project: aesthetic qualification of rosebush (balance, compacity, homogeneity) by video processing on turntable (15h): part of the phenotyping project PHENOTIC
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Information Technology and Automation Engineer

ISTIA - Industrial Systems Engineering School | Angers - FR (Sep. 2008 - Jun. 2011)
  • Key Courses: Unix & Windows programming, cost analysis, web development, network security, virtual reality, signal processing, monitoring, traceability, data communications, real-time, embedded systems
  • Project: image matching method based on mapping, object recognition and machine learning with SIFT/SURF descriptors (80h, 3 people) : challenge CAROTTE, consortium Cartomatic
  • Projects: "Journée des Métiers": organizing a special day meeting for 40 companies at school (12 people)
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Three-year degree in automatism and industrial network system

IUT Salon de Provence - Technical institute | Marseille - FR (Sep. 2007 - Jul. 2008)
  • Project: creating a virtual instrument (with Labview) for students → oven temperature regulation with air flow perturbation (135h, 2 people)
  • Working with safety and hygiene standards
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