Doctoral researcher in computer science


L3i - Laboratory of Computer science, Image and Interaction | La Rochelle - FR (October 2011 - December 2014)
CVC - Computer Vision Center | Barcelona - ES (November 2012 - December 2014)


  • State of the art of color image segmentation, characterization and indexation
  • Journal publication and scientific conferences (publication list)
  • Application : application to detection and recognition of complex object from digitalized comic books

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Research interests

  • Computer vision
  • Document analysis and understanding
  • Text/graphic separation
  • Object detection
  • Data mining

Related conferences

  • ICDAR (International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition)
  • GREC (International Workshop on Graphics Recognition)
  • CVPR (Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition)
  • ICIP (International Conference on Image Processing)
  • DAS (International Workshop on Document Analysis Systems)
  • ECCV (European Conference on Computer Vision)
  • ICCV (International Conference on Computer Vision)
  • ICPR (International Conference on Pattern Recognition)
  • ICPRAM (International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods)
  • JCLD (Joint Conference on Digital Libraries)
  • VISAPP (International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications)
  • PRMU (Pattern Recognition and Media Understanding)
  • WSCG (International Conference on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision)

Related journals

  • MTA (Multimedia Tools and Applications), Springer
  • IJDAR (International Journal on Document Analysis and Recognition), Springer
  • IJCV (International Journal of Computer Vision), Springer
  • PAMI (Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence), IEEE Computer Society
  • PR (Pattern Recognition), Elsevier
  • PRL (Pattern Recognition Letters), Elsevier
  • AJIS (American Journal of Intelligent Systems)
  • IJIP (International Journal of Image Processing), CSC journals


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