Search space reduction for comic characters retrieval

Clément Guérin, Christophe Rigaud, Karell Bertet, Jean-Christophe Burie, Arnaud Revel, Jean-Marc Ogier

Proceedings of the 19th national congress on Artificial Intelligence and Graphics Recognition (RFIA), 2014

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Comic strips represent an important piece of cultural heritage in numerous countries and the large-scale digitization offers the possibility of making searches directly in the image content. So far, it is essentially the page structures and the textual contents that have been studied, few works concern the graphic content. We suggest to rely on simple elements, already studied in the literature, such as the position of frames and balloons, to localize more complex elements, such as the comic book heroes, with a higher accuracy. The evaluation of our different contributions from the eBDtheque dataset shows a tail detection accuracy of 81.2%, a character localization accuracy up to 85% and a search space reduction of more than 50%.

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